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Title:send_nsca does not send results
FAQ ID:F0242
Submitted By:Jamie Baddeley 
Last Updated:01/08/2005

Description:You have configured send_nsca and nsca correctly. You have checked the FAQ's. You have searched the mailing lists. You have double/triple checked the configs. You have been obsessive and compulsive about the OCSP checking. And yet still send_nsca REFUSES to send results! 

Solution:If you recently enabled the 'obsess_over_services' option and you've been using state retention, Nagios may still be using the old value ('0') instead of the one you entered in the config file. To fix this, change the 'use_retained_program_state' variable in nagios.cfg to 0 and restart Nagios.  

Keywords:send_nsca nsca ocsp ochp