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FAQ Database : Nagios : Failure Prediction

Title:How can I use the failure prediction feature in Nagios?
FAQ ID:F0025
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:07/24/2002


The failure prediction feature of Nagios will allow admins to get advance notice of probable host and service failures. It will be an addon product designed to integrate easily with Nagios.



The failure prediction logic is in the planning stage. However, I do not expect it to be ready until late 2003 or early 2004. Why such a long time, you ask? Well, failure prediction is not a trivial thing to do in a reasonable manner. Prediction algorithms are only good if they're relatively accurate in their predictions. I've already spent several month researching, planning, and filling lots of notebooks with scribbles and pseudocode. Get your corporate purchasing cards ready. 🙂


Keywords:predict failure