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Title:Passive only checks with NSCA
FAQ ID:F0271
Submitted By:Nicko Acks 
Last Updated:01/08/2005


In Nagios, by default active checks are enabled. If they are disabled within the Nagios GUI you will see a "P" next to them in the service detail besides the name of the service. There are several locations to look in the documentation for details on how to configure passive checks. Most helpful are the passive service checks section and the fresshness section.

The one item that doesn't seem to be covered in the documentation is how to make sure that active checks are disabled for passive-only checks.  


To permanently disable active checks of the service permanently and to keep the "disabled" service warning from showing up on the tactical overview you need to configure your service check with the following:

  • Define a Service (Or Template) including check_freshness and freshness_threshold.
  • Define check_period none for this service.
  • For this Service use the check_command check_dummy check (or some other custom check that just spits out a warning message rather than attempting an active check).

As long as this Service gets passive check results it uses those result codes. If there are no passive check results for the 'freshness' time, then nagios forces an active check using the check_dummy command.


Keywords:NSCA passive services