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Title:NRPE: Could not read request from client, bailing out...
FAQ ID:F0275
Submitted By:Michael H?ttig 
Last Updated:11/15/2005

Description:/var/log/messages or /var/log/warn show the line: nrpe[18010]: Could not read request from client, bailing out... 

Solution:You may get this error if you are attempting to monitor the status or availability of the NRPE daemon using the check_tcp plugin (or something similiar). The NRPE daemon normally listens on port 5666 and answers requests from clients, but the check_tcp plugin doesn't send any such request to the NRPE daemon. As a result, the NRPE daemon generates the error message shown above. In order to prevent this error from being generated, do not use the check_tcp plugin to monitor the NRPE daemon. The check_nrpe plugin can be used to monitor the NRPE daemon if that's what you need.  

Keywords:check_nrpe bailing sun linux