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Title:NRPE-SSL Handshake
FAQ ID:F0276
Submitted By:Michael H?ttig 
Last Updated:01/08/2005


logfiles show the following message:

nrpe[7009]: Error: Could not complete SSL handshake

check_nrpe with enabled ssl-support (view FAQ-ID F0191) works fine from command_line and also within nagios. All requested data is submitted succesfully, but the anoying message fills up all the logfiles for each check. 


Import ssl-certificate for checking server from your CA.

(Donīt know how to generate and import a certificate from cmd-line, but i think, there would be someone who could explain this easily)

If you trust your environment (perhaps a private network with no internet) it would be easilier to compile nrpe with --disable-ssl and donīt use encrypted traffic 

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