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Title:How to send sms-notifications with sms-client
FAQ ID:F0279
Submitted By:Michael H?ttig 
Last Updated:04/20/2005

Description:Which software should be used to send sms to a contactgroup? 


Sending sms with nagios is based on the misccommands.cfg, you have to define a command, which talks to your favorite sms-notification-software. (see faq F0065)

for using sms-client you can use the following:

define command{
command_name notify-by-sms

define command{
command_name host-notify-by-sms
command_line /usr/bin/sms_client -q $CONTACTPAGER$ '$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$: $HOSTNAME$ is $HOSTSTATE$ ($OUTPUT$)'

sms-client could send via analog Modem and also via ISDN, sms-client is able to queue the messages from nagios. When using yaps there is a problem of loosing messages, yaps could only send to one or two contacts of a contactgroup, the 3rd message get lost. This issue have never been found with sms-client. 

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