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Title:Receiving SNMP traps
FAQ ID:F0029
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:10/15/2003


User would like to have Nagios be able to receive and process SNMP traps.



Nagios is not designed to be a replacement for a full-blown SNMP management system, but you can configure it to generate alerts based on SNMP traps that are received by hosts on your network.

If you have the NET-SNMP package installed on your monitoring server, you can have the snmptrapd daemon route SNMP traps to Nagios using passive checks. More information on doing this can be found in the online documentation.

You might also want to check out Alex Burger's SNMP Trap Translator project located at which , combined with Net-SNMP, provides a more enhanced trap handling system. The snmptt documentation includes integration details for both Nagios and NetSaint.


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