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FAQ Database : Nagios : Troubleshooting

Title:status.log not created on startup, no reason stated.
FAQ ID:F0306
Submitted By:Hal Wine 
Last Updated:06/02/2009

Description:attempting to start nagios via the init.d script reports message:
  NAGIOS CRITICAL - could not find status log: /var/log/nagios/status.log
and no copy of nagios is started. You've already cleared plenty of disk, per FAW 0176, and the problem still occurs. 

Solution:Get a more descriptive error message by invoking nagios directly from the command line:
  nagios /path/to/nagios.cfg
You may see something like:
Nagios 1.1 starting... (PID=17933)
Error: Could not create external command file '/var/spool/nagios/nagios.cmd' as named pipe: (17) -> File exists.  If this file already exists and you are sure that another copy of Nagios is not running, you should delete this file.
Delete the file and Presto! everything works again.