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Title:How do I monitor Novell Netware servers?
FAQ ID:F0031
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:05/31/2007


User would like to be able to monitor Novell Netware servers using Nagios.



You can monitor basic stats on your Novell servers like disk usage, user connections, LRU sitting time, cache buffers, long term cache hits, processor load, etc. by using the check_nwstat plugin (which is included in the main plugin distribution). In order for the plugin to work, you have to install and run James Drew's MRTGEXT NLM on your Novell server. The NLM can be obtained at

Other plugins can be used to check basic services like PING, POP3, SMTP, SNMP, etc. that may be running on the Novell server.


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