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Title:nagios tomcat monitor howto
FAQ ID:F0310
Submitted By:Kiarna 
Last Updated:03/14/2007

Description:How to monitor Tomcat server status? In monitoring the tomcat app I wanted to make sure I was hitting a live jsp page. It took me a while to figure out the correct flags to use with the check_http plugin to make sure I was drilling down far enough and not just getting false positives from my webserver layer and redirect error handling.  

Solution:Use the httpd_check plugin to check a modified tomcat page (.jsp) I used the check via SSL therefore the --ssl flag. However if you want non SSL, replace with the -H (host) flag. My custom test.jsp when working contains the text 'UP' which is searched for by the string flag in the example. Test it on the cmdline first: ./check_http --ssl --url=/path/to/tomcat.generated/test.jsp --onredirect=critical --string=UP The '--onredirect=critical' is in case tomcat is down and the webserver returns a neat outage response(302), it should still trigger the Nagios alarm. Once working, add in checkcommands.cfg (I copied a check_http to check_tomcat though you can use the same executable): # 'check_tomcat' command definition define command{ command_name check_tomcat command_line $USER1$/check_tomcat --ssl $HOSTADDRESS$ --url=/path/to/test.jsp --onredirect=critical --string=UP }  

Keywords:tomcat check_http