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Title:NRPE as a launchd service for mac os x tiger
FAQ ID:F0313
Submitted By:Chris Silvertooth 
Last Updated:03/14/2007

Description:In mac os x tiger apple has begun moving system startup services, and other things, to be started using launchd. what this xml blob does is start the nrpe inetd process when the nagios server requests information from a client. Assuming you compiled nrpe already and have it in the /usr/local/nagios/bin directory this should help with automatically starting the nrpe client. 

Solution:Here is the xml blob: Label org.nagios.nrpe OnDemand UserName enterusernamehere WorkingDirectory /usr/local/nagios/ ProgramArguments bin/nrpe -c etc/nrpe.cfg -i inetdCompatibility Wait Sockets Listeners SockServiceName nrpe SockType stream Obviously this might not work in everyones scenario as it is dependent on what directories you installed in. If you used the defaults you should be ok --> "/usr/local/nagios" Also, you will need to add this line: nrpe 5666/tcp # Nagios NRPE Client to your /etc/services file on your tiger server or client. The XML blob above needs to be saved as a file called nrpe.plist and placed in the dir. "/Library/LaunchDaemons" then if you reboot it should work... if you want to test it right away run this command as root: "launchctl load nrpe.plist" -- then "launchctl start org.nagios.nrpe" Hopefully this will help others with configuring nagios nrpe on tiger systems. 

Keywords:NRPE TIGER MAC launchd