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Title:Nagios-www errors on Mandriva with msec
FAQ ID:F0374
Submitted By:Darek 
Last Updated:03/14/2007

Description:After successful installation from Mandriva rpms, Nagios www interface stops working, displaying "Whoops! Error: Could not read object configuration data!" message. 

Solution:Mandriva implements 'msec' - security package that performs various proactive actions with goal to harden the operating system. For instance, once an hour 'msec' checks for world-accessible (e.g. 664) files in /var. If such files exist, 'msec' changes their mode to 'safe' (e.g. 640). The problem is that Mandriva rpm package for Nagios places some vital files in /var/log/nagios/. These files needs to be shared between Nagios (typically running as 'nagios') and Apache+CGI (typically running as 'apache'), so they MUST be world-accessible (644 or 664). Nagios www works well until 'msec' changes file permissions (this happens every hour). Remedy - either disable 'msec' (unsafe!) or modify /etc/security/msec/perm.local to exclude Nagios files from msec chcecks. 

Keywords:Mandriva msec /var/log/nagios/ www