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Title:Monitoring Windows NT/2000 servers via SNMP
FAQ ID:F0069
Submitted By:Greg Nyce 
Last Updated:09/25/2002


Windows support of SNMP is "interesting". For example:

  • The MIBs exposed for NT4 are not very good (W2K is better)
  • When the SNMP service is stopped, OIDs disappear completely



NT4 - to expose lots of MIB values, get (and install) the SNMP4NT Full Edition from This will give you access to SQL, IIS, Exchange, and other important MIB values.

NT4/W2K - since service OIDs disappear (not just change status to 'stopped') whent he SNMP service is stopped, you must alert on "UNKNOWN" status when using the check_snmp plugin.


Keywords:NT Windows 2000 SNMP