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Title:How do I monitor DHCP services on my network?
FAQ ID:F0074
Submitted By:Kenn Martin and Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:10/15/2002


User would like to monitor DHCP services on the network to make sure clients can obtain dynamic addresses.



You can monitor DHCP services on your network by using the check_dhcp plugin included in the contrib/ subdirectory of the main plugin distribution. The plugin will probably *not* work with DHCP relays and older BOOTP servers, but you are welcomed to give it a try.

While in the contrib/ subdirectory, type 'make check_dhcp' to compile the plugin.

Note that the plugin *must* best installed suid root in order to run, as it binds to a privileged port (UDP 67) in order to listen to DHCPOFFER packets.


Keywords:dhcp bootp