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Title:Can Nagios take advantage of multiple processors?
FAQ ID:F0079
Submitted By:Dean Bishop and Ewan Leith 
Last Updated:10/03/2002


User would like to know whether or not Nagios will take advantage of multiple processors if it is run on an SMP machine.



Dean Bishop notes that...

Nagios can run many service checks concurrently. Since it forks off these service checks as seperate processes, it is up to the SMP implementation to handle which processor it runs on. Thus, Nagios should be able to run on as many processors as you have.

Ewan Leith notes that...

Linux will allocate processes as the are generated to one CPU or another without user intervention. The core Nagios process will always run on just 1 CPU, but all your host and service checks and CGIs processes will balance out over all the available CPUs.


Keywords:dual cpu processors smp