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Title:What does "(Host assumed to be up) " mean in the host status information?
FAQ ID:F0086
Submitted By:Ethan Galstad 
Last Updated:10/03/2002


User would like to know what is meant when the status of a host is shown to be in an UP state with status information saying "(Host assumed to be up)".



Nagios is primarily geared towards being a service monitor, rather than a host monitor. With that in mind, Nagios often makes assumptions about the state of a host without actually checking it. This allows Nagios to be more efficient at monitoring many devices.

After services associated with the host are initially checked and found to be in an OK state, Nagios will assume that the host is up and running fine. That's why the status information is set to "(Host assumed to be up)". If Nagios needs to actually verify the status of the host at some point in the future, the status information will be changed to reflect the output of the host check command.


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