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Nagios IM FAQs

Nagios IM General

Nagios IM Error Logging

All non-fatal errors for Nagios IM are captured and sent to the following log file location:


Nagios IM File Structure

Nagios Incident manager installs as a PHP web application with a mysql backend, and uses the CodeIgniter framework. Nagios IM installs with the following directory structure:

 /var/www/html/nagiosim       #root directory
 /var/www/html/nagiosim/www    #web accessible files, CSS, JS, and images
 /var/www/html/nagiosim/system   #CodeIgniter framework files
 /var/www/html/nagiosim/application   #Nagios IM application files
 /var/www/html/nagiosim/application/logs/ #Nagios IM PHP error logs
 /var/www/html/nagiosim/application/config  #Generic application configurations
 /var/www/html/nagiosim/application/config/config.local.php  #Primary config file for installation

For updating database settings or environment specific settings, the best place to look for configuration settings is the config.local.php file.

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