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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Nagios XI can be found here.



The web browser keeps redirecting to the login screen even after entering login credentials.

Nagios XI uses cookies to save session state. These cookies are set to expire after 30 minutes. If the time on the Nagios XI server is incorrect, the cookies returned to the client's browser might appear to be expired due to the time difference between the client's computer and the Nagios XI server. Solution: Fix the time on the Nagios XI server to ensure it is correct.

Can't Delete Host

Why can't I delete a host from the Core Config Manager?.

Nagios XI requires that all associated services for a host be deleted before the actual host can be removed. This is to prevent accidental deletion of a large number of services. Once all services and any database dependencies are deleted, then the host can be deleted. The orange information icon on the host management page displays any database dependencies and if host deletion is possible.


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