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Macro $LASTSERVICEPROBLEMID$ not set when notification actio

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Macro $LASTSERVICEPROBLEMID$ not set when notification actio

Postby alamp1360 » Wed Oct 06, 2021 7:22 am


We are using macros SERVICEPROBLEMID and LASTSERVICEPROBLEMID as parameter in our notification action script.
On older versions of Nagios, when a check went from CRITICAL to OK, the SERVICEPROBLEMID was 0 and the LASTSERVICEPROBLEMID was set to the SERVICEPROBLEMID associated to the issue.
In version 4.4.6 however, when a service goes from CRITICAL to OK, our script gets LASTSERVICEPROBLEMID as "0" and SERVICEPROBLEMID is set to the ProblemID.

I checked the sourcecode. In file base/checks.c around line 1620, the last_problem_id is set to the current_problem_id and current_problem_id is set to "0L". But since the notification is already done in line 1582, the notification script is called with the wrong values.

I would suggest to set the value of last_problem_id in subroutine service_state_or_hard_state_type_change, as it is done already for host state changes.
Here's my suggestion:
Code: Select all
*** checks.c    2020-04-28 22:48:29.000000000 +0200
--- checks.c.new        2021-10-06 11:15:05.569660662 +0200
*** 892,897 ****
--- 892,904 ----

+                 /* clear the problem id when transitioning from a problem state to an OK state */
+                 if(svc->current_state == STATE_OK) {
+                         svc->last_problem_id = svc->current_problem_id;
+                         svc->current_problem_id = 0L;
+                 }
                svc->state_type = SOFT_STATE;

                state_or_type_change = TRUE;
*** 1618,1625 ****
        if (svc->current_state == STATE_OK && state_change == TRUE) {

                /*  Problem state starts regardless of SOFT/HARD status. */
!               svc->last_problem_id = svc->current_problem_id;
!               svc->current_problem_id = 0L;

                /* Reset attempts */
                if (hard_state_change == TRUE) {
--- 1625,1633 ----
        if (svc->current_state == STATE_OK && state_change == TRUE) {

                /*  Problem state starts regardless of SOFT/HARD status. */
!               /* Already set in service_state_or_hard_state_type_change */
!               /* svc->last_problem_id = svc->current_problem_id; */
!               /* svc->current_problem_id = 0L; */

                /* Reset attempts */
                if (hard_state_change == TRUE) {

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Re: Macro $LASTSERVICEPROBLEMID$ not set when notification a

Postby mcapra » Wed Oct 06, 2021 11:28 am

This would be a great thing to include in a GitHub issue or pull request:
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