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Nagios Fusion - Resetting A User Account Password


This KB article shows you how you can reset the password for any user account in Nagios Fusion.

You will need to establish a terminal session to your Nagios Fusion host to execute the commands in this KB article.


Resetting The Password

The reset_fusionuser_password.sh script accepts the following arguments:

/usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/reset_fusionuser_password.sh (-u <username> | -i <user_id>) -p <newpassword>


To reset the default nagiosadmin account using the user_id for the account you can execute:

/usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/reset_fusionuser_password.sh -i 1 -p welcome

The nagiosadmin account is the first account in the system, hence it has the user_id of 1.


To reset the default nagiosadmin account using the username you can execute:

/usr/local/nagiosfusion/scripts/reset_fusionuser_password.sh -u nagiosadmin -p welcome


Note: If you would like to use special characters in your password, you should escape them with "\". For example, if you want to set your new password to be "$new password#", then you can run:

-p \$new\ password\#



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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