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Nagios XI - Email Notifications With Color


The notification messages sent out from Nagios XI can be formatted with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to produce emails that contain color.

The css allows the colour to be different depending on the state (UP / DOWN / UNREACHABLE / OK / WARNING / CRITICAL / UNKNOWN).

It is not possible for the SUBJECT of the email to have color.



Update Notification Messages

This change needs to be performed for each user.

When logged into Nagios XI, at the top right corner click the username (like nagiosadmin).

You are taken to the user account preferences.

Under Notification Options click Notification Messages

Here you need to update your HOST and SERVICE messages. The following examples add the CSS code to the messages.


Host Alert Message

    <style>.OK {color:green;}.WARNING {color:yellow;}.UNKNOWN {color:orange}.CRITICAL {color:red}</style>
<h2 class='%hoststate%'>***** Nagios XI Alert *****</h2>


Notification Type: %type%
Host: %host%
State: <strong class='%hoststate%'>%hoststate%</strong>
Address: %hostaddress%
Hostgroup: %hostgroupnames%
Info: %hostoutput%
Date/Time: %datetime%
Host Notes: <font color="green">%hostnotes%</font>
Host Duration: %hostduration%

Respond: <href a="%responseurl%">%responseurl%</a>
Nagios URL: %xiserverurl%


Service Alert Message

    <style>.OK {color:green;}.WARNING {color:yellow;}.UNKNOWN {color:orange}.CRITICAL {color:red}</style>
<h3 class='%servicestate%'>***** Nagios XI Alert *****</h3>


Notification Type: %type%
Service Name: %service%
Service Displayname: %servicedisplayname%
Service Group: %servicegroupnames%
State: <strong class='%servicestate%'>%servicestate%</strong>
Host Name: %host%
Hostalias: %hostalias%
Address: %hostaddress%
Hostgroup: %hostgroupnames%

Date/Time: %datetime%
Service Notes: <font color="green">%servicenotes%</font>

Respond: %responseurl%
Nagios URL: %xiserverurl%



Once you've made the required changes click the Update Settings button at the bottom of the screen.


As mentioned earlier, this change needs to be performed for each user. If you have the Enterprise Edition license you can use the Notification Management component to apply these message templates to your users (Admin > Users > Notification Management).



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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