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NCPA - An Agent Comparison

What is NCPA?

NCPA (Nagios Cross-Platform Agent) is an Open Source Nagios monitoring agent designed to provide users with the most flexibility for monitoring any device. NCPA is a universal cross-platform agent that comes pre-configured with dozens of metrics and functions that seamlessly integrate with Nagios monitoring solutions. NCPA also comes with a fully accessible API interface and real-time GUI graphing capabilities.



NCPA is easy to install and covers a large spectrum of applications and monitoring metrics, making NCPA the most flexible monitoring agent available to date. NCPA combines the features and functionality of multiple industry-standard monitoring agents to provide System Administrators with a single tool capable of monitoring their entire infrastructure.


Agent Comparison

Features \ Edition NCPA NRDS Agent NSClient ++ NRPE
Installs on Linux


Installs on Windows

Installs on Mac OSX


Graphical User Interface

Active Check Metrics


Passive Check Capabilities

Flexible API Access

Seamless Integration with Nagios XI


Integration with Nagios Core via NRDP

Official Nagios Enterprises Monitoring Agent



Pre-configured Monitoring Metrics


Integration with NRDS Configuration Protocol




Installation Instructions

NCPA is designed to be installed on multiple operating systems, making it the best choice for System Administrators looking to simplify the management of the IT infrastructure monitoring system.  Instructions for installing NCPA on network devices can be found in the technical documentation:

Documentation - How to Install NCPA



Below is a link to directly download the installers for NCPA.



NCPA Pre-Configured API Monitoring Metrics


Core count
CPU Usage percent (per core)
Idle time (per core)
System time (per core)
User time (per core)

OS version
OS type
OS release number
Processes & Services

Number of X Processes Running where X is user definable
Service Name: Running or Not Running

User Count
User List
Swap Memory

Swap Memory Used
Swap Memory Total
Swap Memory Percent Used
Swap Memory Free
Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory Available
Virtual Memory Total
Virtual Memory Percent Used
Virtual Memory Free
Virtual Memory Used
Logical Disks

**Per Logical Volume Metrics (Smart detection of volumes)
Total size
Used percent
Used bytes
Free bytes
Volume name
Physical Disks

**Per Physical Disk Metrics (Smart detection of disks):
Read time
Read count
Read bytes
Write time
Write count
Write bytes
Network Interfaces

**Per Interface Metrics (Smart detection of interfaces):
Packets sent
Packets received
Inbound packets dropped
Network Interfaces

Outbound packets dropped
Inbound errors
Outbound errors
Bytes sent
Bytes received


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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