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Nagios XI - Monitoring Performance Counters in Nagios Using NSClient++

Monitoring Performance Counters in Nagios Using NSClient++

This article describes how you can monitor Windows Performance Counters in Nagios XI. This can be done two ways, using a Monitoring Wizard or adding a service in CCM.



You need to install NSClient++ to be able to monitor performance counters in Nagios XI. Please refer to the Installing NSClient++ KB article if you have not already done so.


This article is going to focus on the following performance counter:

"\\Memory\\Available MBytes"

 Warning threshold will be set to 500 and critical 256.


Using A Monitoring Wizard (check_nt)

Nagios XI monitoring wizards are a quick way to create monitoring configurations, the wizards use the legacy module check_nt.

Click the Configure menu

Click Run a configuration wizard

In the list of wizards click Windows Server

Type the address of the Windows server

You will be presented with a list of monitoring items This article is specifically about performance counters so you can de-select all the pre-checked items on the screen

You will need to provide a Host Name for the Windows server being monitored. If this server is already being monitored by Nagios XI make sure you type the name exaCtLy as you did last time you ran this wizard.

If required provide the NSClient++ agent password (can be left blank)

Scroll down to the Performance Counters Section

In the next available empty field check the box to the left

Populate the fields as follows:

Performance Counter \\Memory\\Available MBytes
Display Name Memory Available
Counter Output Format Memory Available","MB
Warning 500
Critical 256


It should look like this:



Click Next

Complete the wizard as you normally would

When the wizard has finished click View status details for SERVER

This will open the all the services for your server you just monitored, click on the new service Memory Available

You should see something like the following:



This completes monitoring a performance counter using a monitoring wizard.



Using NRPE With Core Configuration Manager

NSClient++ has a separate module called NRPEServer. NRPE is a more advanced module of NSClient++ that can allow more complex monitoring queries. Nagios XI does NOT have a monitoring wizard for Windows servers using the NSClient++ NRPEServer module, hence this guide focusses on using Core Configuration Manager (CCM).



In addition to having NSClient++ installed, it will need to be configured to enable the NRPE module which is documented on the Configuring NSClient++ KB.

You will also need to have the host already monitored by Nagios XI. In this example, the host is called WIN2008R2-01.


Create The Service

Click the Configure menu

Click Core Configuration Manager

In the left pane under Monitoring click Services

Click the Add New button

Populate the fields on each tab as follows:

Common Settings


Config Name WIN2008R2-01
Description Memory Available
Manage Hosts button Select WIN2008R2-01
Manage Templates button Select xiwizard_windowsserver_nsclient_service
Check command check_nrpe
$ARG1$ CheckCounter
$ARG2$ -a "Counter:Memory Available=\\Memory\\Available MBytes" ShowAll MinWarn=500 MinCrit=256


Check Settings

Check interval 5
Retry interval 1
Max check attempts 5
Check period xi_timeperiod_24x7


Alert Settings

Complete any notification options as required


Click Save

Click Apply Configuration


Now the settings have been applied, click the magnifying glass on the right of the menu bar.

Search for Memory Available

In the search result, click on the new service Memory Available

You should see something like the following:



Information about NSClient++ Versions

In NSClient++ versions 0.5.x onwards there is a newer check called "check_pdh". This new addition unifies the argument syntax across all NSClient++ NRPEServer module checks and is recommended to use instead. The syntax for the argument field is as follows:


$ARG1$ check_pdh
$ARG2$ -a "counter:Memory Available=\\Memory\\Available MBytes" "warning=value<500" "critical=value<256" 'perf-config=*(suffix:none)'



This completes monitoring a performance counter using NRPE.



At this point you should have an understanding of how to configure Nagios XI to monitor performance counters.



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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