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Nagios Fusion - Enabling Relative URLs


This KB article shows you how to configure Nagios Fusion to use relative URLs. Relative URLs may be required when accessing your Nagios Fusion server via a proxy server.


Enable Relative URLs

Establish a terminal session to your Nagios fusion server and execute the following command to open the config.inc.php file in vi:

vi /usr/local/nagiosfusion/html/config.inc.php

When using the vi editor, to make changes press i on the keyboard first to enter insert mode. Press Esc to exit insert mode.


Find the force_relative_path line in the file and change it to true. If the line doesn't exist then simply add it, making sure it ends with a comma (,).

    $cfg = array(

'force_relative_path' => true,

'root_dir' => '/usr/local/nagiosfusion',


When you have finished, save the changes in vi by typing:


and press Enter.


After making these changes you need to restart the Apache web server using one of the commands below:

RHEL 6 | CentOS 6 | Oracle Linux 6

service httpd restart


RHEL 7 | CentOS 7 | Oracle Linux 7

systemctl restart httpd.service


Ubuntu 14

service apache2 restart


Debian | Ubuntu 16/18

systemctl restart apache2.service


Once you have performed these steps the Nagios Fusion server will now use relative URLs.



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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