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NRDP - Client Scheduling And Configuration - Linux


This KB article explains how the NRDP client schedules the checks and the configuration files involved on Linux operating systems.



The scheduling and executing of the NRDP checks is performed by the cron daemon.

You can view the jobs using the crontab command, example:

crontab -u nagios -l

Which will output something like:

*/1 * * * * /usr/local/nrdp/clients/nrds/nrds.pl -H 'my_client_name' 2>&1

The crontab file is



If you want to edit the crontab, use following command:

crontab -u nagios -e


If you wanted to run the command manually, you would need to become the nagios user and execute the command except for the 2>&1 at the end:

su nagios
/usr/local/nrdp/clients/nrds/nrds.pl -H 'my_client_name'


This can be handy for troubleshooting issues. The 2>&1 at the end discards any output, this is why we remove it when troubleshooting.

Here is an example of a successful execution:

Sent 2 checks to https://xitest.domain.local/nrdp/


Here is an example of a failed execution:

Can't exec "/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ping": No such file or directory at /usr/local/nrdp/clients/nrds/nrds.pl line 91, <CONFIG> line 18.
Sent 2 checks to https://xitest.domain.local/nrdp/


You can see that manually executing the command can help diagnose issues that go unseen.


When you have finished testing as the nagios user:




Configuration File

When the /usr/local/nrdp/clients/nrds/nrds.pl script runs, it uses the /usr/local/nrdp/clients/nrds/nrds.cfg  file.

nrds.cfg contains all the plugin commands that need to be execute and other preferences required for sending the check results back to the Nagios server.


Changes to this file may be overwritten the next time the nrds.pl script runs, as there is a configuration option to update the configs.



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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