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NRDP - Configuring SSL/TLS

Configuring SSL/TLS For NRDP

This KB article describes how to configure NRDP on your Nagios Core server to use certificates for SSL/TLS. Using SSL/TLS for NRDP ensures that the data communication is encrypted.

This guide is based on Nagios Core being installed using the following KB article:

Documentation - Installing Nagios Core From Source

This guide also applies to Nagios XI.


Implement Certificate

NRDP runs on the same server as Nagios Core, hence it will use the same certificate that Nagios Core uses. If you have not already implemented certificates with Nagios Core please complete the steps in the following KB article:

Documentation - Nagios Core - Configuring SSL/TLS

If you are using Nagios XI please follow this documentation:

Documentation - How to Configure SSL/TLS for Nagios XI


Configure NRDP

Establish a terminal session to your Nagios Server.

Open the /usr/local/nrdp/server/config.inc.php file in vi by executing the following command:

vi /usr/local/nrdp/server/config.inc.php

 When using the vi editor, to make changes press i on the keyboard first to enter insert mode. Press Esc to exit insert mode.


Find the following line:

$cfg["require_https"] = false;


Change it to true:

$cfg["require_https"] = true;


When you have finished, save the changes in vi by typing:


and press Enter.


That completes the changes requred, NRDP will now require SSL/TLS to be used. If you tried using http it will present the following message:

  <message>HTTPS REQUIRED</message>




Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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