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This document is intended to give a Nagios administrator some tools they can use to work with SNMP. This document is divided into sections General SNMP, Development Tools, and Nagios specific Tools.


General SNMP

Net-SNMP, the implementation of SNMP used on most Linux systems

Net-SNMP snmptrap tutorial

Discussion of SNMP Trap V1, v2c, and v3 differences

SNMP Trap Translator (Part of the Net-SNMP package- utilizes the MIB parser snmpttconvertmib)


SNMP Development Tools

Public SNMP Simulator service

SNMP Agent Simulator


Nagios SNMP Tools

Receiving SNMP Traps in Nagios

How to Integrate SNMP Traps With Nagios XI


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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