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Getting Started With Nagios Fusion

Learn how Fusion gives you insight into the health of your organization’s entire network.

A general guide for setting up monitoring in Fusion.

Learn how Fusion simplifies infrastructure-wide monitoring.

An overview of the monitoring capabilities of Fusion.

Discover how to use Fusion in your environment.

Nagios Fusion Video Resources

View tutorials for installation, configuration, administration, and dashboard management in Nagios Fusion.

A quick guide on downloading Fusion, installing it on Windows, and signing into the interface

A starter’s guide to configuring settings, managing users, fusing servers, and more

Learn how to create dashboards, add dashlets, adjust settings, and more in Nagios Fusion

An administrative guide to managing system extensions, data polling, and administration scripts in Nagios Fusion

Free Nagios Fusion Webinars

Free Nagios Fusion Webinars

Optimize your Fusion deployment and learn how to control multiple XI, Log Server, and Core servers all at once with our on-demand webinars.

Nagios Fusion Documentation

Learn more with technical documentation on Nagios Fusion.

Nagios Fusion Documentation

Learn more with technical documentation on Nagios Fusion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for Fusion licenses is determined by the number of Fusion instances you intend to deploy. Each deployment of Fusion requires a separate license.

There are no restrictions on the number of XI, Log Server, or Core instances that can be integrated with each Fusion deployment.
Fusion is supported by our team of professionals. Access to Answer Hub is included in the base license price for Fusion.

Phone support contracts are available to customer who require additional support services.
Follow the steps in this article about enabling relative URLs.
Yes! We distribute Fusion as a virtual machine to get you up and running quickly.

Physical servers running RHEL or CentOS can have Fusion manually installed and this option is available for customers that require it.
The initial purchase of our commercial solutions includes the first year of License benefits.

These benefits allow customers to access version upgrades for one year, submit up to ten support cases, and access the Answer Hub.
Learn more about using Views with this article.

Fusion can integrate with Nagios XI, Nagios Log Server, and Nagios Core to provide a centralized view of your networks.

Renew Your Nagios License Benefits

Stay on top of mission-critical tasks and ensure your network runs seamlessly.

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