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Forwarding Logs from Nagios Log Server to Another Destination

Forwarding Logs from Nagios Log Server

If necessary, you can forward all of the logs from your Nagios Log server to a different server by creating a new output in NLS.

To create a new output:

  1. In NLS, navigate to Configure > Global Config.

  2. Click on the Show Outputs button.
  3. Select Add Output > Custom.

  4. Enter a name for the output.
  5. Enter a new output config like: 
    udp {
           host => '<ip of destination server>'
           port => '514'
  6.  Click the Save & Apply button.

This will take all of your information (as it is, after it passes through your inputs/filters) and export it to <ip of destination server>:514 via UDP.

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