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OpenSSL causes issue with check_nrpe plugin with NSClient++

The Problem

The new openssl package on the latest versions of Centos / RHEL/ Ubuntu / Debian cause compatibility issues that cause the check_nrpe plugin to fail when checking Windows Hosts running NSClient++.

Error Displayed

CHECK_NRPE: (ssl_err != 5) Error - Could not complete SSL handshake with xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: 1

Error in the nsclient.log file

Failed to establish secure connection: sslv3 alert handshake failure: 1040


To fix this, do the following:

1. Generate DH key on the new Nagios server. (It will take a long time to generate so be patient)

openssl dhparam -C 2048 2> /dev/null|sed -n '/BEGIN/,/END/p'

The below is an example of the output:


2. Paste the DH key to a new file "nrpe_dh_2048.pem" on the Windows server in the following location:

C:\Program Files\NSClient++\security\nrpe_dh_2048.pem

3. Open a command prompt in Windows (under user with admin privileges) and run these commands:

cd "\Program Files\NSClient++"
nscp settings --path /settings/NRPE/server --key dh --set "${certificate-path}/nrpe_dh_2048.pem"

Or add the below under the [/settings/NRPE/server] section in the C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nsclient.ini file:

; DH KEY -
dh = ${certificate-path}/nrpe_dh_2048.pem

4. Restart NSClient++ service

net stop nscp && net start nscp

Test it:

/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nrpe -H xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -2

I ( 2016-09-14) seem to be doing fine...

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