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Monitoring Windows using NCPA

Monitoring Windows using NCPA


Before you can use the instructions outlined in this document, you must first install NCPA on the target Windows machine you wish to monitor. Instructions for installing NCPA can be found in the Installing NCPA documentation.

Using The Windows Desktop or Windows Server Wizard

1. To begin using the NCPA Agent wizard navigate via the top menu bar to Configure > Configuration Wizards and select the Windows Server or Windows Desktop wizard. In the following screenshot you can see how the search field allows you to quickly find a wizard.

2. Step 1

  • Type the address or FQDNS name of the host you want to monitor.

  • You can specify the port number if you have changed it from the default of 5693.

  • Type the Token you are using on the NCPA agent.

  • Click Next.

3. Step 2

On this step you will configure all of the options for monitoring. In the screenshot you can see some of the options available.

  • Enter a valid Host Name.

  • Select the metrics that you'd like to monitor. 

  • You can adjust the warning and critical thresholds for each metric to suit your needs.

  • Click Next once you have selected all the required options.

4. Complete the wizard by choosing the required options in Step 3 – Step 5.

5. To finish up, click on Finish in the final step of the wizard. This will create the new host and services and begin monitoring.

Once the wizard applies the configuration, click the View status details for <NCPA HOST> link to see the new service that was created.


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