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Nagios XI - Oracle Services Critical After Nagios XI Upgrade

Problem Description

After upgrading Nagios XI, Oracle based services start failing with errors similar to this:

The following error message is produced:

CRITICAL - cannot connect to fprnt. install_driver(Oracle) failed: Can't load '/usr/local/lib64/perl5/auto/DBD/Oracle/Oracle.so' for module DBD::Oracle: libocci.so.12.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at /usr/lib64/perl5/DynaLoa    



During the upgrade, the customized commands are overwritten with the default commands included with the wizard.


Resolving The Problem

The old commands can be retrieved as they would have been kept in a backup.

If you did the upgrade via the XI web interface, the following file is created:


Follow these steps in an SSH or console session on your Nagios XI host:

mkdir /tmp/restore/
cd /tmp/restore/
tar zxf /store/backups/nagiosxi/autoupgrade_backup..tar.gz -C /tmp/restore/
tar zxf /tmp/restore/autoupgrade_backup./nagios.tar.gz usr/local/nagios/etc/commands.cfg --strip-components 4

This last step will show you what the commands were defined as before the upgrade:

grep oracle /tmp/restore/commands.cfg

Using that information you will be able to go into CCM and update the commands accordingly following this original guide on page 2 and 3:

Documentation - How to Install & Configure the Oracle Client & Plugins


When you are done, delete the extracted files:

cd /tmp
rm -rf restore


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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