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Nagios XI - Reset Security Credentials


Nagios XI has back-end credentials that are used internally by the application sub-components. These are not used by the end users, nor do you need to know what they are. However you might like to reset these credentials due to certain circumstances such as:

  • Immediately after a fresh install of XI
  • After a security breach / part of protocol


Resetting The Credentials

Navigate to Admin > System Config > Reset Security Credentials


Component Credentials / Config Manager Admin Password

This password is used to access Core Configuration Manager (CCM), however since Nagios XI 2014R1.4 admin users in XI were automatically granted access to CCM. Hence this password does not need to be known.

Versions pre-2014R1.4 require a separate password to access CCM. Change this field if you require to define the password.


Sub-System Credentials

These are the back-end credentials that are used internally by the application sub-components

If you require, enter values into each of the fields.


Click Update Credentials if you updated and fields and require them to be applied.


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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