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Nagios XI Wizards Achitecture

About Wizards

Wizards are a feature of Nagios XI to help the administrator quickly setup something to be monitored by Nagios. Wizards do no perform checks, the checks are performed by a plugin.  A new plugin can be bundled with a Wizard, or the Wizard can use an existing plugin.


Parts of Wizard

A Wizards are composed of two main parts.  The code for the Wizard, and the Plugin. The Wizard code is php code that will be executed by Nagios XI to configure the service and/or host checks.  The Plugin is what will do the check, and can either be a pre-configured Plugin or a new Plugin.



Wizards are easily distributed as zip files.

To create the zip file to distribute your wizard, you will need to move to a directory above your where your wizard files are.  Then zip the top directory including all the files and subdirectories.


Managing Wizards

You can manage your Wizards from Nagios XI by selecting "Admin" on the top bar, then along the left side selecting "Manage Config Wizards" on the left under the "System Extensions" heading.  You check which Wizards you have installed there, what version they are, if there is a new version, download the new version, and upload new Wizards all from that page.


Additional Information

Creating Nagios XI Wizards


Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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