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Backups are not being generated due to tar creation errors

If you are running Nagios XI 5.6.11, most likely your backups won't be compressed. You can verify if this is the case by listing the contents of the backup directory:

ls -la /store/backups/nagiosxi

If you see any directories, that are NOT compressed to "*.tar.gz" format, you would need to remove them:

cd /store/backups/nagiosxi
rm -rf <directory1> <directory2> <directory3>

Then, you would need to open the "/usr/local/nagiosxi/scripts/backup_xi.sh" file in a text editor, and remove the "-e" from the shebang line. Other words, you need to change this:

#!/bin/bash -e

to this:


Save, and exit. This should fix the problem in 5.6.11.

The bug will be fixed in Nagios XI 5.6.12.






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