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Nagios XI - Hosts Pending/Gray

Problem Description

Your host objects (or services) are in a Pending state and they appear gray in color.



This problem can occur when the host or service object does not have a check command assigned to it.


Resolving The Problem

Add a valid check command to the host or service object.

This example will focus on defining a check command on the localhost host object.

From the Configure menu click  Core Configuration Manager (CCM)

Under Monitoring click Hosts

Click the host localhost

Select the Check command check_xi_host_ping

Populate the argument fields with the following values:

$ARG1$ = 3000.0

$ARG2$ = 80%

$ARG3$ = 5000.0

$ARG4$ = 100%

Click Save

Click Apply Configuration


Now the local host will have a valid check to execute.



Other Problems

This issue can occur as a side affect of other problems on the Nagios XI server. The following is a summary of those issues and links to supporting documentation.



Final Thoughts

For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:


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